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Laverna net label opens a new website restyled in graphics, trying to keep a distinction by following and proposing a different gateway to the “research sound”. This is the boost from an independent digital label, borne at the beginning of the years 2000, years definitely linked to the electronic sound rooted in the club culture phenomenon that gradually refined itself to reach features of high quality and research, all well represented in our production from 2008 onwards.

Laverna soul has always been moved by the passion for the “ambient sound” and for all those research musical expressions inspired by it. This is proved by the remarkable ensemble of artists that have proposed their releases along all these years; musicians that since the beginning are moving in the undefined space of the expanded sound: an environment that gathers the “echoes of research” rooted in the classical sounds, loved by artists such as Eno or Budd, and evolves in different directions to reach the sound that is perceived as a constant element of the space surrounding the musician ( soundscape – field - recording).

The sound that Laverna is proposing can be synthetically defined as “ambient electronics, experimental and research”, terms embedding a wide variety of sound emotions. Our line-up shows names as : Enrico Coniglio, Emanuele Errante, Stefano Guzzetti, Gigi Masin, Massimo Liverani, Elisa Luu, Giulio Aldinucci aka Obsil, Sentimental Machines, Leastupperbound: artists, that along with a number of foreign and Italian musicians, represent the most advanced innovation within the independent landscape, unbound from the classic indie-rock circuit.

Laverna net label has chosen to move along the path of the Creative Commons, therefore our releases are available in free download and are produced in the key of artistic creations designed for the internet sharing.

Nevertheless Laverna is not just music: the ever-moving souls of the multimedia are behind the scenes of this digital venetian reality: video art, reading, real-time webbing, etc. This is a world double knot tied to the innovative flow that constantly drives the action of those who have created and still coordinate this independent digital label.


  • 2014-12-31 Laverna tra le migliori label dell'anno per Son Of Marketing!
    Grazie a Son Of Marketing e Nicola Orlandino: Laverna tra le migliori label dell'anno!

  • 2014-12-31 AV-K : "a centripetal fugue" - Lav59 Votato tra le migliori 50 uscite italiane del 2014
    Ancora grazie a

    AV-K : "a centripetal fugue" -


    Votato tra le migliori 50 uscite italiane del 2014 da SonOfMarketing

  • 2014-09-07 VIDEO TEASER per la nuova release di LAVERNA in uscita il primo di ottobre

    **** STAY TUNED!! *****

    TwyXu: (a noise drone improvisation duo composed of Twys ( and XU (

    **** STAY TUNED!! *****

    Twyxu - At dawn and dusk you come - Teaser Video from Nicola Fornasari on Vimeo.

  • 2014-06-16 Núvol de fum 077 | incessant
    Nůvol de fum 077 Ecco la tracklist della penultima puntata di giugno:
    Tracklist del programma

    01 [myrdal] tsone - april
    02 [bsc046] guy birkin - bs01e
    03 [lav060] rooms delayed - ceaseless
    04 [post011] emmerichk - drop
    05 [post011] mnemonic45 - amara (for tihomir)
    06 [7m012] alozeau - lilims
    07 [reddye_n11] the downgrade complex - luster
    08 [monokrak165] floating mind - quiet number xxx

    Núvol de fum 077 | incessant by Nuvoldefum on Mixcloud