Lav60Rooms Delayed flickering traces

artist: Rooms Delayed

title: flickering traces

date: May 15, 2014

time: 21:18

size: 364 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Brian Peter George St. John Le Baptiste de la Salle Eno once wrote: "I found myself in a position not to hear about the disc. I turned so what for me was a new way to listen to music as a part of the surrounding environment, as it were, on this occasion, the color of the light and the sound of the rain "... it was the mid-70 's, a period that brought with itself if a new listening modes, subdued and discreet. A way of understanding the sound that continues to spread joy in listening as bearer of quiet and intense sensations. Laverna has always devoted his catalogue to the exploration of this world, a universe full of experimentation and variety of musical styles, a reality in which traveling suspended in the imperceptible breeze of Silence. Rooms Delayed aka Vincenzo Nazzaro, chose to walk this path using the classical method that allows the abandonment while listening: "Flickering traces" is Ambient with a capital A, filtered through the six electrical cords to vibrate, analog and digital pedals, nothing more. A sonic mood admirably captured through the use of direct recording that makes this release extremely real and human, far from all that busy proceeding behind a console of Macbooks and digital effects. Listening to the 5 tracks that compose "Flickering traces" you enjoy the full taste forgot hot sound and comfortable, you let the repeat mode continues to send its message without interruption allowing listening to penetrate deeper, ever deeper, into the very essence of the music and images created by it. Rooms Delayed and "... the color of the light and the sound of the rain".

Mirco Salvadori

Rooms Delayed is a concept by Vincenzo Nazzaro

Music by Rooms Delayed

Mastered by Stefano De Ponti

Cover by Domenico Bizzarro