Lav59AV-K a centripetal fugue

artist: AV-K

title: a centripetal fugue

artist website

date: January 31, 2014

time: 33:46

size: 70 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Running away , runnning wildly tumbling on hard pavement,
finding yourself out of breath with the lungs rendered deaf by the absence of oxygen.
Running with a looking back sight, looking for invisible pursuers.
Escaping without a goal, away, remaining seated.
A circular path, a chemical gift in a sonic form.
Incitement to mental trip in the absence of a real escape possibility.

Laverna returns to be interested in pulsating ' electronic ' music , rediscovering the pleasure of diving into the storms unleashed by the skillful use of machines that know how to bow down before the throb of an organism generating imagination.
It does it with a young sounds' manipulator, coming from the increasingly fierce south Italy, a land which is turning into a place of sound research excellence.
Anacleto Vitolo aka AV-K Prod., born in 1985: Meitech 2008 winner, in 2010 he took part in Flussi festival, playing on the same stage of many important artists such as Murcof, Thomas Fehlmann, Mokira, Mount Kimbie ... opening act for important national and international artists, he has taken part in many commercial and artistic projects, in October 2013 signed a publishing contract for 12 tracks with Fatcat Rec

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