Lav73giulio aldinucci Boule à Neige

artist: giulio aldinucci

title: Boule à Neige

artist website

date: June 1, 2017

time: 17:28

size: 43 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient, electronic


Boule à neige: luminescence of joy

I am in this small theater where everything is colored with pale colored pale colors and I sit waiting for the curtain to stand up. It's a place of really small size but has the peculiarity of widening any sound produced inside it. Sounds here in there are many, to tell the truth: it seems to be building the backdrop for an indefinite representation of how it can be the space enclosed within each of us, it seems like there is a small ensamble that is testing my state Receptive with a series of melodious and minimal sound signals, almost a preface to what should be a silence story lying over a landscape created for the game, a game built with the texture of the stone and the mildness of the water. I look around and perceive the closure of the outer space around us: to me and to a whole universe that I feel existed behind that curtain that suddenly and slowly starts to rise, revealing a scenario of infinite depth. I am overwhelmed, wrapped up, overwhelmed, abducted by a context that projects me in a dimension where the slow turbine of the symphony has the strength of the thousand winds, a place where the thrill of the soul finally finds the strength to express itself and explodes into universal delight , Bright and pure joy as the snow.

Mirco Salvadori - July 2015

Everything was born a year ago after a chat with Alexandr Vatagin. We talked about the new equalizer he had taken for his analog mastering studio ... from a test on a track we went to two ... and then why not all the ep. We completely remastered it.

Giulio Aldinucci - June 2017