Lav64AV-K perspective/prospective

artist: AV-K

title: perspective/prospective

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date: July 15, 2015

time: 38:12

size: 87 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Trying an exploration venture beyond the borders of their territory, drawing on a notebook travel what he saw in his mind . What had succeeded to get into the heart, turning unknown landscapes in expensive places to go. Probably, this is the remixer's task: As the ancient explorers as he studied and cataloged, choose what is most striking his imagination and transcribes by adding and mixing their imagination with the material collected along the way. The result is sometimes surprising, like opening an oyster and discover two precious, but different, pearls born in the same casing. In other words: different point of view (perspective), with the same potential (prospective).
Anacleto Vitolo, a sound artist who started where Christ had stopped, a tireless draftsman of unexplored landscapes, crossed with the willfulness and the imagination that suits his alter-ego AV-K, appears again at our side for celebrate ten years of abnormal sound waves with a new release dedicated to the transfiguration music created by remixing some tracks our catalog.

Giorgio Ricci's "Alchemy" and William Capizzi's "The Weariness Of The Filtered Words" were revisited in a key position of majestic spirituality electronics. Like shiny icons preserved in the shadow of the cathedrals, exploding in the refraction of light rays as soon as the gates are wide open to listening.

The hushed elegance of "When Nothing Happens" Fabio Anile assumes esoteric form and results in a long, continuous line of sound that moves unpredictably, over the boundless space of our indefinite trip.
A further break of suspension comes by the unpublished AV-K's track, "Caesar", that touches and surpasses the high walls of the ambient sound to get rid over, outer space of sky ever so deep and unexplored.

To close the release, the purity and power of a romance never forgotten that transforms itself into a melodic catharsis , like the same breath with the footnotes of that little masterpiece that is "The Last DJ" Gigi Masin, serves to AV-K for fill your lungs before diving deep into the very soul of the sound. As you go down the stamp is gaining more power, losing the initial sweetness and gaining the explosive force of his feeling screaming, biting, bleeding and struggling in a bed with sheets soaked by thrills and reverberations.
Perspective / Prospective: a different view / the same potential that bows to the art of sound.

Mirco Salvadori

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