Lav72Corrado Saija nino's scape

artist: Corrado Saija

title: nino's scape

date: March 5, 2017

time: 26:20

size: 464 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient


Nino's scape

The work is a tribute to the sculptor, light designer and friend Nino Alfieri.

Originally a "proto-version" of Nino's Scape was composed in 2013 for the light installation "Light Seeds" by the same sculptor, before being finalized on the occasion of Laverna.
These are two tracks across a musical aesthetic and minimalist electronics once looking timbre, whose poetry draws strength from the musical synesthesia ideas and music as sound art or "art of sound."
Particles suspended in the absence of bright spinning oltreumana gravity.
A small shiny dust universe runs, meet, embrace and collides without a comfortable fixation.
A blue microcosmic that permeates the human.
electrical shrapnel bouncing on our inner walls as glowing stars, returning to fluctuate with the same sinuous wave, conveying a bright hissing towards which everything tends, to which everything returns.

cover: Roberta Gusmini, Martina Galbiati, images of the light sculpture "The Choice" by Nino Alfieri.
Produced, mixed and mastered at Saija studios