Lav53Leonardo Rosado a long white sleep

artist: Leonardo Rosado

title: a long white sleep

date: September 15, 2012

time: 21:00

size: 46 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient, electronica


How many shades can exist within just one minute of perception?
How many landscapes may unfold to this perception?
Which colour could be sued to describe it?
Leonardo Rosado has chosen the "white" and he succeded in penetrating all
its cromatic variations, from the soft and cozy up the most distant
and shining ones. And he did it by using a wall made of virtual sound, a Barrier
arousen from our penetration inability that magically disolves as soon as the intuition of the sound becomes perceptible and distinctive.
Four variations of tone that get closer and closer to the core of shining
purity, and each one of them embeds tens of sound pathways of shapeless
' White Noise ' that hides a melody wrapped in a luminescent
A dream in the undefined space reserved to us, virtual designers, blinded by the dazzling beauty of an invisible world.

Mirco Salvadori
(trad. Simona Taffurelli)