Lav36stefano guzzetti silent microcosmos

artist: stefano guzzetti

title: silent microcosmos

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date: September 15, 2010

time: 37:43

size: 99 MB

enc: 320 Kbps

style: ambient, electronica


The Immaculate Silence of Microcosms
Frames resting gently apon the constant imagination of a dreamer, diluted
shots break the silence of sound that emerges spontaneously from the slow
breathing of nature that gradually transforms into genuine symphony of life.
'Silent Microcosms ' is just that: a tribute to life, the slow slide along
our everday journey through reality, day after day. A heavy and treacherous
path , full of obstacles and pitfalls , disappointments and pain. Silent
feelings that belong to our microcosm that by altering the registration, are
transformed gradually into experiences of pure sensual sound, disconnected
from reality thanks to the violent call that calls for a poetic balance
between a romantic future vision ofsensuality and a sentimental,furious
lyricism . Whether you use field recordings, instruments such as piano ,
guitars and keyboards and high-tech machines , Stefano Guzzetti has the
ability to paint a changing world; that world that lives mainly inside us,
inside those microcosms in which boundless Silence reigns Immaculate within
our dreams .
Mirco Salvadori