massimo liverani

massimo liverani

Birthdate: February 24, 1961 in Florence, Italy.
Studies: Scientific lyceum diploma: 1980.
In 1976, at the age of 15, Liverani began playing guitar as a self-taught student. In 1979 he performed his first concert in a rock band. In 1980, aged 19, he co-founded the new-wave group ‘Redox’ with some friends in Florence, winner of the ‘Rockcontest’ music competition in 1986. That year the Redox published their first and only record, because the group dissolved in 1987. In 1988 Liverani obtained a position as Software developer in a computer company.
Concomitantly, the ‘Distant Noise’ group was created, along with the concept of ‘Modest but Honest’, the non-industrial label that Massimo Liverani promotes. The Distant Noise group was going to be active until 1991 with concerts and performances and participated in another rock contest.

The most relevant activities carried out by Liverani at the time include: music for poetry readings with Rosaria Lo Russo, soundtracks for short films, a CD-rom in collaboration with Bassilichi Informatica, a musical event based on Ennio Moricone’s music with the Capanni Quartet, and sonorizations of artistic events. At the end of the 90’s he was among the creators of the website MbH ( and he began to be involved in Acoustics and in Musical computer science.
In 2001 he founded the Koan Loop Ensemble, (K.L.E.), an experimental group based on interactive improvisation music with whom he is still involved for various performances and live recordings. He is fond of electronics and special instruments such as Theremin and Air synts in general.

Since 2000 he has been working as computer scientist in a Florence-based company and as promoter of the ‘Officine C.R.O.M.A.’ Association, devoted to coordinating all musical production by the Modest but Honest label. He organized several experimental events under the aegis of the association, such as the itineraries of the Sassoscritto, installations, sonorizations and performances, and the show ‘Oltre la follia’ (Beyond Folly) for which he recorded the music. In 2002 he participated in the experimental performance ‘Resonance’, an 8-hour night live sonorization in a deconsecrated church in Spoleto, Italy. At the beginning of 2003 he attended the course on ‘Muzika’ focusing on environmental sonorization for which he took part in the sonorization of the scientific center ‘Città della scienza’ in Naples, Italy. In 2003 he also took part in other events, such as ‘Resonance II nihil jucundius’, a 12-hour daylight live sonorization of the Sacred Woods of Monteluco (Spoleto). Liverani’s interests have recently expanded to include parallel fields to music, such as psychoacoustics and acoustic ecology. In fact, he joined FKL (Forum KlangLandschaft), an Italian-Austrian-German association involved in soundscape. He is collaborating with the sound-media project ‘The Big Ear’ with Francesco Michi and with other sound projects, such as the sonorization of parks and gardens; for the latter he also experimented with and built new types of omni-directional acoustic diffusers and experimental systems for sound transmission and diffusion. In 2004, with the XL’A Association, he promoted and organized the sonorization of artistic installations of the Villa Caruso park (interpretation of a garden) organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Signa and the Villa Caruso Association. He wrote for CM2, a musical computer science magazine for which he designed a program studied for gauging environmental acoustics, as well as various teaching tools. Liverani also collaborated with various initiatives and recordings for works such as Nihil Project, with Enrico Coniglio and with Vittorio Nistri. In 2005 he participated in the HABITAT project of XL’A Association, involving several installations in the garden Orti di Parnaso, with the support of the City of Florence. In 2005 he collaborated with and wrote for the magazine Computer & Music, for which he designed a course in Sound education, published in installments. In the same year he wrote and directed the image & sound show titled ‘Il teatro degli Arcani’, performed at the ex-church of S. Carlo dei Barnabiti in Florence. In 2006 he composed a work based on the binaural beats principle for a sound installation on psychoacoustic relaxation. In the same year, a work based on video & sound with original music composed in homage to movie director A. Tarkovskij, titled ‘Paesaggi di Memorie' (Memory Landscapes) is performed. He wrote an article on train sounds in history for a publication edited by Trenitalia. He also writes a course in Sound education, and papers focusing on acoustic weapons. Concomitantly, he continues to experiment with poetry, collaborating with Rosaria Lo Russo for several performances, happenings and readings focusing on the work of Anne Sexton and Amelia Rosselli. In 2007 and 2008 he got involved in music for theatre, performing some sonorizations for various events, such as ‘Perelà uomo di fumo’ and ‘Peer Gynt’ by Ibsen with his friend actor Roberto Caccavo. In 2009 they both authored a course in Music for theatre that was taught in Prato; he designed and wrote the sonorization of the show ‘Metrocubo teatral realitì'. Also in 2009 he participated in the second edition of MSP (Marvellous Sound Project - sound and peace festival) developing a seminar on sound weapons and making several Soundwalks. He also collaborated in the third edition of the ‘Itinerari del Sassoscritto’ performing music with the K.L.E. forum and collaboration in various projects. 2010 begins with a collaboration with Nicoletta Cherubini involving live sonorization of her poetry. Then between May and June he collaborated with his friend's Inas Lenz in an picture's art exibition for LIBA Gallerie in Pontedera (PI) composing the music for the exposure.

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